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Postdoctoral Fellow - Electrophysiology/Modelling
Institution: University of Alberta
Location: Alberta, Canada
Category: Postdoctoral - Neuroscience
Posted: 07/02/2019
Application Due: Open Until Filled
Type: Fulltime

The MacDonald Laboratory ( at the University of Alberta is looking to hire one or more Postdoctoral Fellows who have recently obtained, or will soon complete, their PhD in biomedical resarch or related field. Our group is focused on understanding pancreatic endocrine function in part using electrophysiological techniques, and more recently in developing new approaches to study and model human pancreatic islet cells including combined single-cell electrophysiology and scRNAseq (called 'patch-seq'; see Camunas-Soler et al, BioRxiv, 2019) combined with data modelling. We are looking for individuals interested in developing and applying novel approaches to understand pancreatic endocrine function.

One position is available to a candidate with experience in electrophysiology and/or modelling and an interest in developing multi-modal cell phenotyping pipelines to interrogate human tissue/cell samples, primarily from organ donors with and without diabetes. The goal will be to understand linkages between cell identity and cell (dys)function, and shifts that occur in diabetes. Abundant research and technical resources are available including in-house infrastrcuture for electrophysiology, cellular imaging, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Within an active and collaborative environment the successful applicant will also have access to numerous Faculty core facilities. Our group also houses a human pancreas processing and islet isolation program (, which allows tight integration of research interests with human tissue procurement. The applicant will be encouraged to connect with our network of ~100 human islet recipient research laboratories across the world to develop new collaborations and further their independent research goals.

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